Income Tax
Gail L. Friedenberger - Income Tax Clerk

Welcome to the City of Canfield Tax Department’s web site.  We want to insure that you are provided with the information and forms you need.  Therefore, it is important that you read this information and follow the instructions prior to sending payments or forms to the tax department.

1. STREETS IN THE CITY OF CANFIELD - The City and Township of Canfield have the same zip code.  To determine if you reside in the city limits, if your business is located in the city limits, if you are working in the city limits, or if an employee for whom you are withholding the City of Canfield income tax resides in the city limits check the list of “Streets in the City of Canfield”.  You will find the list on this site.  You may also contact the Income Tax Office by phone or e-mail.  You can also go to the Mahoning County Auditor’s website or The Finder at

2. RESIDENTS - This is not a property tax, therefore, the tax applies to all residents 18 years of age and older.  If you reside in the City of Canfield and are 18 years of age or older you must file and pay taxes.  It does not matter if you own the property at which you reside, rent or lease the property at which you reside, or live with family or friends.  You are required to file and pay the tax.  Even if your City of Canfield income tax is withheld by your employer you must file a tax return.
3. NON RESIDENTS – If you work in the City of Canfield your employer is required to withhold the City of Canfield income tax at the rate of 1%.  Non residents who have their tax properly withheld are not required to file a City of Canfield tax return. 

4. TAX RATE & CREDIT FOR TAXES PAID ANOTHER MUNICIPALITY - The income tax rate is 1%.  Residents of the City of Canfield who pay another municipal income tax may take a credit of ½ of 1% of the wage on which the other municipal tax is paid. Do not take credit for taxes paid to the other municipality if you are applying for a full or partial refund from that municipality.  You will only get credit for the tax you paid, not the tax which was refunded to you!

5. TAXABLE INCOME - The City of Canfield income tax is levied on salaries, wages, commissions, other compensation, and on net profits.  The Income Tax Ordinance and tax forms are available through this site.

6. ESTABLISHING AN ACCOUNT - Prior to sending any type of payments to the City of Canfield Income Tax Department it is imperative that you establish an account with us.  You will find questionnaires on this site for individuals, businesses, courtesy withholding accounts, contractors, sub contractors, landlords, and landlord occupancy forms.  Please complete the appropriate form and send or fax it to the Income Tax Department so we can properly set up your account.  Make sure you type or print the complete name and address of the account you are setting up.

7. PAYMENTS - When you file returns or send any type of payment it is important that you send your statement or form along with your check.  If you don’t have a pre-printed form to send you can use one from this site.  Make sure you put your account number on the form & your complete name & address and advise us what type of payment you are making.  If you are not using a form you must put your account number on your check and make a note of what type of payment you are sending.  This will enable us to make sure your payment and/or return are posted to the proper account.

8. ONLINE BANKING SERVICES - When making payments through online banking services, you must make the check out to the City of Canfield Income Tax Department.  You must also advise us of your entire name, address, and account number.  If you do not do this we cannot guarantee that your payment will be posted properly.

9. ONLINE FINAL RETURN PREPARATION – You are now able to prepare your form on line.  However, you cannot submit it electronically.  Please make sure you put your account number and complete name and address on the form.  Upon completion you must print the form, sign the form, and send it to us along with all required attachments.

10. OHIO BUSINESS GATEWAYFOR BUSINESS USE ONLY - If you are using the OBG to send us forms and/or payments you must have an account number.  Therefore, you must have established an account prior to making a payment.  Do not make up a number as your payment will not be properly posted.

11. USE OF PAYROLL SERVICE - If you are using a payroll service for your withholding taxes you are required to establish an account and give your payroll service your account number so they can put it on the forms they send to us.  They are not permitted to send us payments without an account number.
12. QUESTIONS - If you have any questions please contact the City of Canfield Income Tax Department directly to make sure you are provided with the correct information.  You can contact us by phone at 330-533-1101, by sending a fax to 330-533-2668, or send an e-mail to
13. TRICOTA TAX ASSOCIATION – INFORMATION FOR ACCOUNTANTS AND TAX PREPARERS – Information and forms are also available on this site for our income tax organization, TRICOTA (Tri County Tax Association).  Included is a letter to the tax preparers, a list of our member municipalities and their contact information, the preparer information sheet, an extension form (only some TRICOTA members will accept this form), and a refund form.  If you have any questions concerning another municipality’s taxes it is best that you contact that municipality directly.