Proposals Due: January 11, 2019 12:00pm

The new Comprehensive Plan will be forward thinking and address anticipated growth and redevelopment in a way that preserves and develops the small town character, maximizes infrastructure, enhances multi-modal opportunities, while providing the City with a means to enhance the quality of life of residents and businesses by providing the means towards economic, social, and environmental stability. The process will include the inventory, analysis, and fusion of information which will be organized into a series of planning elements (Land Use, Transportation, Infrastructure, Utilities, etc.) The selected consultant(s), with direction from the City, will engage the community in participatory process; facilitate public meetings; prepare the proposed plan for review by the City; and, based on this collective information and input, finalize the updated Comprehensive Plan. The Comprehensive Plan will be adopted by the City Council in order to provide direction to City officials, staff, residents, businesses, and the development of community to implement the City’s strategic goals.

Comprehensive Plan RFQ